Quantum Computer Emulator (QCE)


  • QCE is a software tool that emulates various hardware designs of Quantum Computers. QCE simulates the physical processes that govern the operation of a hardware quantum processor, strictly according to the laws of quantum mechanics. QCE also provides an environment to debug and execute quantum algorithms under realistic experimental conditions. The software consists of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the simulator itself. A snapshot of the GUI is shown below.

  • Screenshot of QCE

  • The software is distributed as a self-extracting executable for Windows 98/NT4/2000/ME/(XP with SP1)/Windows7. It also runs under Linux+VMware on Intel processor machines. Included in this package are several examples including Shor's algorithm for factoring integers, order finding, number partitioning, the Quantum Fourier transform, various implementations of the Deutsch-Josza algorithm and Grover's database search on ideal and more realistic QC's, such as those used in the 2-qubit NMR Quantum Computer. Articles describing the internal working of the QCE and the examples are also included.
  • QCE can animate the time evolution in real-time (see QCE HELP for more details). Alternatively QCE can be used to generate data from which animations can be build.